Having healthy relationships is essential for our wellbeing. We have hundereds of different relationships in our lives. Each relationship has a different context, meaning and value, we aren’t just talking about intimate relationships.

Interpersonal relationships with family and friends can be problematic for us too.

We know that unhealthy relationships can lead to all kinds of problems in our lives, including mental health and wellbeing issues; abuse; low self-esteem; financial difficulties; substance use; and so much more. But how do we know what a healthy relationship is?

This LEAP Online section will help you identify what a healthy relationship is and what it means to you. The resource section identifies additional support and development areas that may benifit you. Don't forget to complete the activity and assessment to earn a digital badge!

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In an emergency call 999 if it is (and if unable to speak) press 55.

If you want to report abuse to Police and are safe you can call 101.

University of Bolton Resources

If you recognise that you are in a domestic abuse relationship you can access information about support available to you through our online Wellbeing resource centre including our Domestic Abuse Guide.

Sexual violence, including coercing someone to engage in sexual behaviours they do not want or sharing images of a sexual partner are not acceptable. If you are concerned about sexual violence or have been a victim you can find information about how to access support in our Mental Health and Wellbeing resource page.

If you are experiencing challenges in relationships linked to conflicts in religious beliefs you may wish to speak to the Chaplaincy team. 

You may also wish to complete the Domestic Abuse Awareness LEAP Online section.

External Resources

  • have created videos to help us understand healthy and unhealthy relationships. or
  • LoveRespect
    LoveRespect website aims to help people understand what a healthy relationship is within the context of intimate relationships. Take the quiz to find out whether you relationship is healthy 
  • Woman's Aid
    Woman’s Aid is the leading domestic abuse charity in the UK.
  • Forced Marrige
    Follow this link to find out more about forced marriage.
  • Mankind
    Mankind is a leading charity for male victims of domestic abuse in the UK.
  • IDAS
    IDAS is the largest specialist charity in Yorkshire supporting people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence. They have created a really helpful healthy relationships checklist [PDF].
  • Relate
    Relate is UK's largest provider of relationship support, helping people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities to strengthen their relationships. They are not just there to support intimate relationships. Check out their Relationship Help for Young Adults webpage for more information. You can also look at their self-help tools.
  • Think U Know
    Think U Know explores the internet and sex in relationships. Topics such as sexting and the legal implications of sending  nudes.
  • BBC Bitesize
    BBC Bitesize have created a resource area around healthy relationships.