This LEAP Online section has been created to increase awareness and understanding of what domestic abuse is and how to access support due to domestic abuse issues.

Many people use the term domestic violence, but that terminology is misleading.

Domestic abuse appears in many different forms and in some cases physical acts of violence never occur, the acts of abuse can be subtle but equally as damaging.

We know that 1 in 4 woman and 1 in 6 men will be victims of domestic abuse in their lifetimes and that young woman are most likely to suffer abuse.

We know from survivors of domestic abuse that the affects can last many years, impacting on them in many ways.

Understanding domestic abuse and how to access support allows us to not only keep ourselves safe, but keep our communities safer. Don't forget to complete the activity and assessment to earn a digital badge!

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In an emergency call 999 if it is (and if unable to speak) press 55.

If you want to report abuse to Police and are safe you can call 101.

University of Bolton Resources

If you recognise that you are in a domestic abuse relationship you can access information about support available to you through our online Wellbeing resource centre including our Domestic Abuse Guide.

Sexual violence, including coercing someone to engage in sexual behaviours they do not want or sharing images of a sexual partner are not acceptable. If you are concerned about sexual violence or have been a victim you can find information about how to access support in our Mental Health and Wellbeing resource page.

If you are experiencing challenges in relationships linked to conflicts in religious beliefs you may wish to speak to the Chaplaincy team. 

External Resources

Watch this powerful video created by University of Liverpool Media Society entitled  Domestic Abuse. Make It Stop. Raise Awareness.

  • Woman's Aid
    Woman’s Aid is the leading domestic abuse charity in the UK.
  • Mankind
    Mankind is a leading charity for male victims of domestic abuse in the UK.
  • Respect
    The Respect website includes information about domestic violence and abuse aimed at those who are worried about hurting someone they love or care about. Respect encourage you to think hard and face up honestly to the things that you have done.
  • LoveRespect
    LoveRespect aims to help people understand what a healthy and unhealthy relationship is within the context of intimate relationships. Take this quiz to find out whether your relationship is healthy.
  • Relate
    Relate is UK's largest provider of relationship support, helping people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities to strengthen their relationships. They are not just there to support intimate relationships. You can also look at their self-help tools.
  • BBC Bitesize
    BBC Bitesize have created a resource area around healthy relationships.
  • Healthy Relationships
    Visit the LEAP Online Healthy Relationships section.