Moodle is an online gateway to all your learning resources. You can access Moodle by visiting the eLearning home page. Once logged in you will have full access to all the courses that you have been added to by your tutors. In addition Moodle supports Turnitin via a direct link from within a Moodle course. Turnitin is the University’s adopted similarity reporting tool. It is likely that you will have to submit assignments via Turnitin as part of your studies.

To find out more about Moodle watch the video below then complete the assessment to check your understanding and earn a LEAP Online badge.

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Moodle and Turnitin Help for Students Moodle page contains useful help and guidance including:

  • Moodle Mobile App
  • Turnitin help
  • Getting arround Moodle
  • Moodle Zoom integration

And much more.