Anxiety is a feeling of unease, some people would describe it as feeling worried or scared. Anxiety can be mild or severe. This section shows how you can manage anxiety through the use of breathing exercises, grounding techniques and muscle relaxation. Don't forget to complete the activity and assessment to earn a digital badge!  

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Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation video. Give it a try and see the positive impact it has:

Please find below resources from external agencies that you may find useful to help you manage anxiety:

  • Mindfulness [LEAP Online]
  • Big White Wall [Website]
  • Shout Crisis - Text line: Text 85258
  • Every Mind Matters [NHS Website]
    This page covers various topics including increasing our understanding of anxiety, strategies we can use to help us and support available.
  • Headspace [Website]
    This is a great page for all things Mindful, covering topics like sleep and stress as well as anxiety. The link takes you through to a guided meditation specifically for anxiety. Enjoy!
  • Mind [Website]
    Mind is a great organisation that provides information and support for all mental health issues. Here is some more information about anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Mind - Self care information for anxiety sufferers [Website]
    Mind have provided some useful self care information for anxiety sufferers. There are some helpful tips.
  • Mind Coronavirus and Your Wellbeing [Website]
    COVID-19 is a source of anxiety for everyone, Mind have put together this helpful guide of how we can manage our anxiety during the pandemic.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Written Guide [PDF]
    If you enjoyed the PMR video and want to be able to give it a try on your own use this helpful guide.
  • Student Minds [Website]
    Student Minds have put together a list of resources to support Students during the COVID-19 lockdown.