If you need help with the foundation topics of Maths, have a look at the four sections below. Each topic has a tutorial and activities provided by BBC Bitesize. Once you have completed the BBC tutorials, click on the Assessment button to complete a Moodle quiz which tests your knowledge of the topics you have just covered. Once you click on the link, login to Moodle and click 'Enrol me' – then locate and complete the relevant quiz. Once you have successfully passed the quiz, you will be awarded a digital badge within Moodle as evidence that you have completed the tutorial.

Note the tutorials below link to an external website which is not included in our Creative Commons licence. Alternative copyright will apply.



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Visit the following websites:

  • BBC Bitesize Higher Maths
  • Citizen Maths
    Citizen Maths is at GCSE level for people who want to improve their grasp of maths, and become more confident in using maths at work and in life.
  • Mathtutor
    Mathtutor is at a level designed to bridge the gap between school and university study. It contains video tutorials, tests and exercises.
  • Mathcentre
    Mathcentre has been set up to support university students with maths specific to the requirements of different university disciplines. Mathcentre contains help and support including 'teach yourself' guides and video tutorials.