According to the OfS (2022) students are more likely to experience sexual assault. This, together with other forms of sexual misconduct, is likely to have a damaging effect on a student’s university journey. As such, all harmful sexual abuse is unacceptable and there is no place for it at the University of Bolton!

As a university community, we consider the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff to be very important. We want to ensure as far as possible, that students are able to learn and achieve safely, free from abuse, harassment and harm. 

All students deserve to be treated equally and respectfully, for their voice to be heard, and to be given access to information so that informed choices can be made. This is rarely straightforward when considering the issues of sexual consent.

Therefore, the University of Bolton and the Bolton Students’ Union are committed to raising awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding sexual consent, violence, assault and abuse. 

Student participation is crucial and to help achieve a safer, inclusive and respectful environment, this tutorial aims to help students engage with the complexities of consent.

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Trigger warning

The following section contains sensitive content on sexual violence, that might trigger unwelcome or distressing memories or thoughts. While individuals may respond differently to content, it is not always possible to anticipate, or alert users to, all potential triggers. However, students should be mindful content in this tutorial refers to: sexual violence, assault, harassment, abuse and rape.

If you find this tutorial challenging, you are free to stop at any stage or skip to the ‘Getting Help’ section of the tutorial or the 'If you found this useful' section of this webpage, where you can find information on support available to you. You should also be aware that the University of Bolton provide appropriate wellbeing support, including services provided by Life Lounge, who can be contacted at:

Launch Tutorial - Sexual Consent 

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If you found this useful.

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Futher Help and Guidance

  • If there is an immediate risk
    In an emergency call 999. The police are specifically trained to help with sexual offences.
  • UoB Students Union
    Chancellor's Mall
    Tel: 01204 900850
  • The Life Lounge
    Tel: 01204 903566
  • Chaplaincy
    Chancellor's Mall
    01204 903415

External Support

Greater Manchester Police
Tel: 999 (Emergency) or 101 (Non-Emergency)

St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
If you have been raped or sexually assaulted, St Mary's are there to help with the recovery from both physical and emotional effects of the assault. St Mary’s offer high quality, comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical services to men and women across Greater Manchester who have experienced rape or sexual assault and this support is available even if you choose not to report an incident or crime to the Police.
Tel: 0161 276 6515 (24 hours helpline)

Greater Manchester Rape Crisis
Greater Manchester Rape Crisis has worked in partnership with the Student’s Union at The University of Manchester to develop a service to support women students (over the age of 18) across Greater Manchester who have experienced sexual violence. This may be childhood sexual abuse, rape as an adult, sexual assault, sexual harassment at work or on campus, and a range of other issues. Whenever it happened, whatever the circumstances, students can receive the support they need and deserve. Students who access the service must be enrolled at a college, university or on a training course in Greater Manchester.Referrals to the service must be made by the person who has experienced the abuse by:

Tel: 0161 273 4591

Samaritans - Support no matter what you are going through
24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Tel: 116 123

Victim Support
Free and confidential 24/7 support if you’ve been a victim of a crime (even if you haven’t reported it to the police).
Tel: 0808 503 9054

Rape Crisis England
Charitable organisation working to end sexual violence and abuse, delivering specialist services to those affected by sexual violence.
Tel: 0808 802 9999 (8am to midnight 365 days a year)

Survivors UK
National online helpline for men aged over 13 who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives.

Advice and support to LGBT+ people who have experienced sexual violence, domestic violence, hate crime, biphobia, homophobia and transphobia.
Tel: 0800 999 5428