Storyboards are a platform to demonstrate your fantastic knowledge and research in your own individualised and preferred learning styles and presentation. The knowledge demonstrated in your storyboard must be able to satisfactorily address your module learning outcomes.

Storyboards can be presented in a range of visual, auditory, tactile and written methods. They can be 2-D, 3-D, hand-drawn, technology based such as a blog, PowerPoint, Prezi, an animation, an audio presentation and so on. As long as your work can be recorded (and therefore is permanent in nature) and meets the learning outcomes, there are no limits as to what a storyboard can be. Its permanency enables internal and external assessment, therefore complying with assessment quality standards.

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External Resources

  • Prezi - Online presentation tool
  • PowToon - Online animation software
  • Moovly - Online animation software
  • Audacity - Free open source audio software